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Internet Development Terms and Conditions

As you will provide the actual content of your site, the copyright for this material will be owned by you. However, the copyright for all code used within your site will remain the property of AFS Computing, excluding any third party applications used, where the copyright must remain with the original author. We will include a message to this effect in the source code for each page (which will not be visible in the web browser), and will also include a similar message within the displayed content, usually in the form of some small print at the bottom of the page.
If you choose to use any copyrighted material within your site, you will be solely responsible for obtaining a suitable license to use it and for paying any royalty fees associated with it. The copyright for any such material will always remain with the original owner.
Site Ownership
You will own the completed site, and as such you are free to do whatever you want with it, provided you do not violate the copyright conditions mentioned above. This means that you are able to move your site to another hosting company, make further changes yourself, or even get another development company to make further changes. Obviously we hope that you will return to us if you need any additional development work carried out, but the choice is always yours. However, the copyright restrictions mean that you (or anyone else for that matter) cannot use any of our code in any other sites without our permission, nor can you prevent us from re-using it on similar projects in the future.
Any domain name registered for the site will be owned by you and you will be responsible for paying all renewal fees. Our Domain Name Registration Terms and Conditions will also apply.
If we provide hosting facilities for your site you will be responsible for paying all renewal fees when they become due. Failure to do so may result in your account being suspended and your site being unavailable to visitors. Our Web Hosting Terms and Conditions will also apply.
Our Portfolio
We reserve the right to add your site to our online portfolio as an example of our previous work. However, we do not guarantee that your site will ever be chosen for our portfolio, and if chosen we do not guarantee that it will remain in our portfolio for any specific period of time.
Promoting Your Site
All sites we build are designed to be search engine friendly, and we will submit your completed site to some of the top search engines. However, we can make no guarantees about your site's ranking in any resulting search listings. Note that it can take several weeks after submission for the search engines to start listing a site.
It is up to you to promote your site in any other way. Examples of simple things you can do are:
  • Get your site included in relevant online directories
  • Include your site's address on all your stationary, letterheads, and business cards
  • Include the site's address in all your advertising
  • Add the site's address to all your email signatures.
Refunds for cancellation of web development work is entirely at the discretion of AFS Computing management. It may not be possible to refund deposits paid for web development if a significant amount of web design is completed before a cancellation request is received.