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Saturday, 23rd of January, 2021


I.T. Development Terms and Conditions

For some database jobs (for example, data imports, conversions or reports) it will be necessary for you to provide us with a copy of your real data to allow us to complete our work. We will always try to avoid requesting confidential information, but when this is unavoidable we guarantee that we will not use that information for anything other than the job for which it is required. We will also destroy all copies of it as soon as the job is completed, thereby ensuring that your confidential information remains secure.
The copyright for all code used will remain the property of AFS Computing. This means that you (or anyone else for that matter) cannot use any of our code in any other projects without our permission, nor can you prevent us from re-using it on similar projects in the future.
Refunds for cancellation of any development work is entirely at the discretion of AFS Computing management. It may not be possible to refund deposits paid for development work if a significant amount of work has been completed before a cancellation request is received.