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Domain Name Registration Terms and Conditions

Registrars Terms and Conditions
All domain names ordered through us will be registered in your name with the relevant top level domain name registrar. Each of these registrars have their own terms and conditions which will apply in addition to our own. You can find the relevant documents by following the links below.
  • Nominet UK - for, and domains
  • Tucows Inc. - for .com, .net, .org, .info and .biz domains
  • EURid - for .eu domains
(Some of the above documents are in PDF format and you will require Adobe Reader to view them. If necessary you can download a free copy from
Cancellations and Amendments
Once a domain name has been registered it cannot be cancelled. If you decide you no longer want a particular domain name you can just let it lapse at the end of its registration period. Until then you will still own it.
It is not possible to change a domain name after it has been registered. For this reason you need to carefully check your spelling when ordering a new domain name. If you make a mistake and register the wrong name you will only be able to get the correct name if you register it as well.
Payments and Refunds
Because a successfully registered domain name cannot be cancelled and will be registered in your name
  • we will not attempt to register your domain name until we have received the required payment for it, and
  • we will not issue any refunds if you decide you no longer need it.
In the event that a domain name is unavailable when we attempt to register it we will of course provide a full refund of all monies collected for that domain name.