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Saturday, 23rd of January, 2021


Javascript Generator

Our Javascript Generator can automatically create some useful pieces of Javascript code for you to use in your own website. Just choose the script you want and follow the instructions to install it in your page.

These scripts are intended to be used as examples. They can all be modified or expanded to suit your needs, and in fact most of them will require some small changes to make them fit your page layout better.

Please note that we do not provide any programming support for these scripts.

Break Frames

If a visitor comes to your site through a frame on another site this script will automatically make the page break out of the frame and use the full browser display.

Bookmark Us

Allow your visitors to click a text link within your page to quickly and easily add your site to their favourites. This doesn't work for Netscape users, but at least they won't get any errors. Instead they will get a message reminding them to bookmark the page.

Set Home Page Link

Create a link on your page to allow visitors to set your site as their default home page. This works best in Internet Explorer, but will display the appropriate instructions for them to do it manually in other browsers.

Logo Branding

This script makes it easy to have a floating logo in the corner of your site. With a few simple alterations you can change the logo used and have it link to the page of your choice.

Frameless Popup

This script creates a link on your page which will launch a page in a popup window without the windows frame or title bar. It only works properly in Internet Explorer, but in other browsers it will still launch a standard popup window.

Browser Entry

This simple browser detection script allows you to send visitors using Internet Explorer to a page optimised for their browser. All other visitors will be redirected to a page which can be optimised for Netscape browsers.


This script detects the default language of your visitor's browser and redirects them to a page written in their own language. For example, English language user browsers can be redirected to an English page, while Spanish language user browsers can be sent to a separate Spanish page.

Avenue Search

This script adds a form to your page which makes it easy for your visitors to search the 42 most popular search engines and directories.

Popup Page

This script automatically opens another page in a popup window. It will wait for a predefined delay after your page loads before opening the popup window.