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Our Portfolio

Below are some examples of our previous work.

Argos Car Insurance

Argos Car Insurance

We were heavily involved in the development of a fully transactional car insurance website for Argos. This site enabled the customer to enter all their details and used DVLA searches and postcode lookups to speed up this process. It would then calculate the insurance premium and allow the customer to either save the quotation for future retrieval, or to go ahead and transact the policy immediately.

If the customer decided to buy the policy the system would collect their payment by credit/debit card or direct debit, and would then produce all the documentation which would be posted to the customer.

The site was linked to a call center which would then handle all future policy amendments and administration.

Debenhams Insurance

Debenhams Insurance

We were also involved in the creation of a similar site for Debenhams Insurance. This site included all the same features as the Argos site, but it was also capable of dealing with home insurance policies, including both buildings and/or contents cover.

NAAFI Financial Insurance

NAAFI Financial Insurance

We also helped to create another fully transactional insurance website, this time for NAAFI Financial. Like both the Argos and Debenhams sites, this system was capable of gathering all the information required to produce a quotation and if required could transact the policy, collect the payments and issue all documentation. Unlike the previous sites, the NAAFI site was capable of dealing with car, home, travel and personal accident insurance. Drive Safe

Drive Safe Website

A simple site design which resizes to suit the viewers preferred text size. The page will always stay centred within the browser window.

Other specific requirements requested by the client include

  • A consistent appearance across each page of the site
  • A contact page allowing customers to send an email to the business directly from the site
  • The animated traffic lights beside each menu choice
  • The repeating logo faded in the background of each page Al's Place

Al's Place Website

This site has a slightly more complicated design which will resize (within limits) to fill the browser window. The limits are designed to prevent the lines of text becoming too long or too short which would make them harder to read. It will also resize to suit the viewers preferred text size to prevent areas like the navigation menu becoming cramped and hard to use.

Other features include

  • a multi-level menu system allowing similar articles to be grouped together
  • a breadcrumb bar showing the current page's position in the menu hierarchy
  • long articles like the tutorials can be viewed as multiple pages for easy reading on screen or as a single page for easy printing.
  • special formatting rules for improved printing
    • on screen functions which serve no real purpose on the printed page (for example the background colours and navigation menu) will not be printed to save time, ink and space on the page for the more important information
    • the article text will be reformatted to fill the page, without pushing any text off the edge (a common problem when trying to print a webpage using Internet Explorer)