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Tuesday, 28th of May, 2024


Development services for entirely new websites

If you need a brand new website we can provide a complete development package which includes everything you need to get it up and running*. We will custom build your site to meet your specific requirements, set up suitable hosting and email facilities, register your domain name, deploy the completed site to your web space, and make sure that everything is working correctly. We will even maintain a backup copy of the completed site so that in the highly unlikely event that the site is damaged or corrupted, it can be quickly and easily restored to its original condition.

This package can of course be tailored to suit your individual requirements. For example, if you would prefer to use a web hosting account with another provider**, or if you already own the domain name*** you want to use, just tell us when you ask for a quotation so we can make the necessary adjustments. This might mean that you will have to look after some aspects of the site deployment yourself, but we will be happy to help you in any way we can.

All sites we build will be compliant with modern web standards and will also meet as many of the "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines" as the design allows. We also test each site using a variety of browsers and try to ensure that the design works well in them all. For more details on our test platforms please refer to our common questions page.

* Web hosting and domain name registration are included for the first year, but will then be subject to annual renewal fees.

** The site design might need to be altered, or the way it is developed might need to change, if your chosen account does not support all the required features. Tell us about your chosen account during the quotation process so that we can make sure the final code will run within your hosting space, or can advise you if a hosting upgrade will be necessary to support all the site functions you want. We will supply the final site on disc for you to deploy yourself, or if you prefer we can deploy it for you, but we will need FTP access to your web space to do so.

*** You will need to get your current registrar to make some changes to your domain's name server records, unless it is already pointing at the web server you will be using.