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Tuesday, 28th of May, 2024


Development services for existing websites

We are happy to quote for any work you think is necessary to any current site, whether it was originally developed by us or not. Examples of the sort of work we are prepared to do for existing sites are :

  • simple changes to the textual content of the site
  • adding additional pages, including updating all the navigation menus
  • rewriting the code to achieve standards compliance, without changing the overall look or content of the site
  • a complete overhaul involving a whole new page design
  • any other maintenance work you need done.

Obviously we will need access to the original code before we can make any changes which means you will most likely need to give us FTP access to your current web space. If you would prefer not to do this, you can supply the original code to us on disc. We will then make the required changes and deliver the completed code to you on disc, but this would obviously require you to make your own arrangements to deploy the new code to your hosting space.