Today's Date

Tuesday, 28th of May, 2024


How the process works

  • Your site will be custom built to meet your requirements, so obviously you have to think very carefully about what you need. Some examples of things you need to consider are
    • Why do you need the site, and what functionality is required to achieve this?
    • How do you want the site to look?
      • Business Logo
      • Colour scheme
      • Page Layout
    • What information do you want to put on the site?
  • You then contact us to get a quotation. We will need to discuss your requirements and agree on a final design brief before we can give you a final price. At this stage we may suggest changes or improvements to your design, and we will be happy to offer design advice if you are unsure about anything. Once the final design has been agreed we will work out how much the site will cost. If you are happy with the quotation we will then agree on an estimated delivery date.
  • Common domain names are usually already taken and you might need to try several alternatives before you find an available name you like. For this reason, we will register your choice of domain name as soon as possible to protect it. Once it is registered it is safe and you can be sure that nobody else will be able to get it. If necessary we will also create a hosting account for you at this stage.
  • You will then need to provide us with all the information (logos, graphics, photographs and text) needed to complete the site content. Obviously you will understand your business much better than us, so it is best if you write the site content yourself. That way your site will say exactly what you want it to say about your business.
  • We will then build the site using the information you have provided. We will keep you informed about progress, and will maintain a prototype copy where you can see for yourself how it will look. That way you can ask for any alterations to be made if you don't like something you see. Small changes shouldn't be a problem, but any changes to the original design which involve more work (or throwing away work already done) may be subject to an additional charge.
  • When the site is completed we will ask you to check the prototype to be sure you are happy with the finished product. If all is well we will then deploy the completed site to your web space and run a final test procedure to ensure that everything is working as expected.